Pseudo Random Links

At this point still something a shotgun could handle but as the numbers increase it gets more frightening. Have they never watched Terminator? Or heard of hackers?

I thought their DB architecture was the bigger issue.

Nice rant from The Reformed Broker. Clinton never would have faced impeachment if he’d just said “Yeah, I did it. So what?”

Click through rates are only important if you depend on ad revenue rather than customer data farming, and they have a bumper crop.

What do you say about a legislator that takes a personal dispute and turns it into dangerous legislation impacting everyone? Um…he’s a crook?

I guess that’s one way to do it. I prefer to use frequency myself.

Triglycerides predict stroke risk in older women.

Too bad there are currently no reliable tests for tolerance or adequacy of immunosuppression. Transplanting the spleen could conceivably induce chimerism to a degree, so she may be overly suppressed.


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