Pseudo Random Links – Weekend Edition

I’ve been waiting for this. Barry ferrets out the first great gem from the Facebook IPO filings. If you press that little “like” button you’re counted as using Facebook that day. Technically true but not in any way indicative of your exposure to those ads they’re selling. So I wonder if a hedge fund (or Vampire Squid) could rent some botnet time and use hacked Facebook accounts to hammer those like buttons for some quarterly stock manipulation pump and dumps?      ….and I welcome your bots to my blog.

Want to know how your date is going? Try this.

Just pick it up and eat it. The evidence continues to mount. Just don’t tell Mom I said so.

There are a number of alternative DNS projects out there (like this one). One or more of them needs to succeed in the next few years. There’s no obvious way to monetize it and push things along, though the freemium model might work, but if you are an idealist it’s a great way to make sure the internet continues to change the world.

An excellent point. For that matter inflation is the word you dare not speak in accounting generally.

If I had to pick one thing that would pop the higher education bubble this would be it.


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