Rooted Nook Color Review

I’ve been using a rooted Nook Color for about 10 days and so far I’m quite happy with the performance and usability of my $130 eBay special. The screen is quite sharp and easy to read and to me the 7″ size is the best balance between portability and ease of use.

I threw caution to the wind and blew out the original OS first thing but the CM7 install process is so faultless at this point I avoided the usual penalty for pushing my luck. Instructions for installing to the eMMC are here. If you are more cautious there is a similar guide for using the SD card.

The biggest downside has been status bar crashes which seem to be an issue with the Nook Color, but fortunately there’s an app for that too (see below). All in all I’ve found it much more useful than I’d anticipated and on my next trip it will very likely be only device I take. If you are looking for a nice tablet computer at an unbeatable price it’s a great place to start.

Here are the apps I’ve found the most useful thus far (all available on the Android market):
Aldiko Reader
BusyBox, OpenVPN Installer, OpenVPN settings – all needed to use openVPN
GO Launcher EX
Juice Defender – added ~40% to battery life, which is already quite good
Nook Tweaks
Perfect keyboard free
ROM Manager
SD Maid
Status Bar Restarter
Titanium Backup
X-plore – a file manager, not what you were thinking
Flash Player – helpful when trying to look down your nose at an overpriced iSomething user

My next step will be to get a VOIP headset to work through the microUSB port. Life just doesn’t get any better than this.

A low res screen shot to add to the graphic nature of this site


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