Pseudo Random Links

Still more on Facebook. Are you sick of it yet?

The SEC is still working on new money market fund rules (WSJ). If this goes forward I would almost bet FDIC insurance will end up being extended to MM funds to gain their support.

Interesting post on geography and trading from VIX and More. Also a reminder to never fight yourself or your environment. Whether it’s that you’d rather be doing a waterfall hike than tied to your computer day trading, or slacking off at work so you can keep an eye on the markets. Conflicts will eventually lead to trouble.

Now the entire genome of Denisovan has been decoded (Source).

Lance Armstrong won the battle due to I’m not sure what. See here. Contador must be jealous, but the USADA still gets their shot at LA based on whatever evidence the Feds will turn over from the investigation (which could be none).


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