Ben Bernanke Job Evaluation

The Fed was created in 1913 to cartelize the banking system, coordinate the loose money policies that generate more profits for the banks, and allow the eventual losses to be socialized on the masses. Particularly recently, facilitating government spending by monetizing government debt through Fed purchases has also taken on great importance. Given these mandates Bernanke has clearly done a magnificent job.

He has mastered the traditional PR role of using neo-politico-expendient economics to justify acting in the interest of the cartel as being necessary for the good of all: Masterfully promoting the adoption of the Too Big To Fail doctrine allowing ever more concentrated power and extortion capability, and aiding in the passage of various bank bailout bills. Further, by funding the majority of economic research in this country the Fed has ensured the propaganda battle will continue to be won long into the future.

Honestly, what more could you expect from an employee? Overall one can only conclude Bernanke has greatly exceeded expectations.

On a personal note the beard has to go. It may add an air of professorial distinction in academia but in the real world it gives the impression you’ve never seen a self checkout line, let alone used one. Those iPad comments didn’t help in that regard either.


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