Pseudo Random Links

From Infectious Greed we find another way to get kids interested in science. I was immediately reminded of the funky spunk episode of Sex and the City.

Nice puff piece on Bloomberg about Bernanke and the economy.  Basically asserting the cart is pushing the horse up the hill, when in fact Bernanke is continually adding weight to the cart by diverting money to non-productive activities, propping up failed businesses and promoting bad investments through artificially low interest rates. To the extent the cart is moving forward at all at this point it’s entirely due to the extraordinary capacity of humans to adapt and succeed in adverse environments.

This makes some sense. When resources are scarce the less active should fare better.

Maybe it’s just me, but this seems inherently at odds with informed consent.

Lefties more likely to look before they leap. I knew that.

Still more reason to exercise. But better if you are left handed so the added excitement and enthusiasm don’t get you into trouble.

Breastfeeding reduces the risk of childhood obesity. Probably because even though breasts are frequently super-sized now their output remains unchanged.


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