Pseudo Random Links and Commentary

Hopefully the new site theme is easier on the eyes than the previous one.

Here‘s an amusing and logical criticism of some stunningly stupid Oklahoma legislation. Nature aborts far more fetuses than women ever have. Who is going to make the arrest? The only good thing is states are at the moment still easier to leave than countries.

An inadvertent explanation for market lemmings, political parties and other follow my leader phenomena. That we’re behaviorally no more sophisticated than fish shouldn’t be too surprising. Research continues to whittle away at everything that was once assumed to be unique about humans and it’s not clear there’s anything left. Observing human behavior stripped of its trappings it’s obvious we’re just animals with a very high opinion of ourselves. That doesn’t mean we’d make great pets as Porno For Pyros sang, because it seems to me wars are much worse than peeing on the carpet.

I couldn’t agree more about Elsevier, and other journals, and hope open access journals continue to expand.

The funniest thing about this is a number of studies have shown testosterone impairs decision-making under conditions of uncertainty and risk.

Why do women menstruate? Evidently it’s not, as I thought, just a pointless display to provide a convincing excuse for bad moods.

First bacteria, now cancer evolves resistance.Maybe it’s time for gentle persuasion.

Hey, maybe he was hard up for money. Note that Medicare had no complaints whatsoever about the price.


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