Pseudo Random Links

The Boob Indicator. Hemlines, skyscrapers, election cycles and a host of other societal indicators now have some robust competition. Spending on medical care for pets is also a decent indicator of rising animal spirits in recent decades. When times are tough that backyard pet cemetery starts looking like the better option.

FBI notes on Steve Jobs, with link to the full FOIA release. Some funny and revealing stuff.

An ode to parasitism. Not specifically about the political class or children.

Bring on the gamers, there’s science to be done

A variation on familiarity breeds contempt. Subscription required, but you can still see the In Brief summary.

Summary of testing for plasticizer in sports doping. Misstates the reasoning in the Contador verdict, where the burden of proof was on him and his legal team failed to make even a remotely plausible case for the tainted beef defense.

Linguistic analysis of online dating profiles.

Don’t know how I missed this before. There’s been some interesting stuff lately about the mechanisms underlying metastasis. This may help untangle the details.

I may have to take back what I said about picking it up off the floor and eating it. Disease of the day: Rat lungworm disease.


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