Pseudo Random Links

Today’s Facebook link is a summary at TBP which shows their active users are 161 million instead of 850 million.  This is very troubling because it’s a little hard to fully hate the company the way I’d like when it means they’re evidently making $26 per active user and not $5. 1999 scented proprietary metrics aside, after adjusting for the puffery they really don’t suck at monetization as it first appeared. I still wouldn’t touch the stock because I think it’s a fad, the privacy issues will start to erode the user base (or my faith in humanity will erode instead), growth isn’t likely to keep up a pace that will satisfy the herd, and the only reason they’re going public is so early investors and employees can sell.

This is a more positive result for once-daily tacrolimus. I suspect improved hemodynamics from lower peak drug levels is the most likely reason for the improved eGFR in this study, but it’s something to look at if you’re stuck with CNI based immunosuppression.

China tries to un-pop the bubble. Once you stop increasing credit at an increasing rate things start to unravel without truly massive intervention to maintain the illusion of prosperity. A hundred or so colossal ghost cities might do the trick, but not this.


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