Pseudo Random Links

There is a lot of stuff out today about John Paulson being sued over the lack of due diligence in his Sino-Forest trade. Assuming Paulson & Co did nothing fraudulent themselves, if you have to sue someone in this situation sue yourself for being a spoiled idiot. I thought the intent of accredited investor rules was to make sure the investors are bright enough to realize the risks, to understand that big returns always come with the risk of big losses, and able to afford them when they inevitably occur. I guess Hugh is only 1 out of 3 (before attorney fees).

Facebook bans “approval, delight, involvement etc in animal or human torture”. It’s a good thing America doesn’t do torture, otherwise posts featuring Obama or Bush would have to be deleted. Sounds like lawsuit fodder to me. Don’t write rules you can’t interpret and enforce consistently. Reminds me of a dress code discussion at one company. I scuttled the idea to only allow a measured amount of cleavage to be exposed by swiftly asking if I could be the one to go around making the precise measurements needed for enforcement. In retrospect some rather poor strategy on my part.

2011 Midwest farm land prices. I think the only way to make money in farmland long-term is to buy land that will be annexed by a growing city within 10 years. The long-term trend in real crop prices has been down for several hundred years so buying farmland for the crop yield isn’t likely to pay until there is so little arable land left real food prices start to skyrocket. That’s been predicted in almost every one of those several hundred years so don’t hold your breath.

Shadow Government Stats GDP chart. I always think “declining pool of real savings” looking at this chart.


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