Pseudo Random Links

Sears begins what should be their going out of business sale. If they can’t make decent money at a store in Ala Moana in Honolulu (which they are selling) they should quit retail entirely.

Wunderground gets some respect. I’ve used it for years.

I guess Nixon was dead right about short memories.

Economic crisis comes to Hollywood. It’s been a long time coming and foreshadowed by the rise of YouTube and amateur porn. The digital age allows good production values to come to a living room near you for shockingly little money. Forget Hollywood or Bollywood – Microwood here we come. OK, maybe that’s not the most positive sounding nickname.

Facebook insiders apparently can’t even wait for the IPO. I may have my cynical-tinted glasses on again but that doesn’t seem like a good sign for new investors to me.

Another stab at gut based decision-making. Generally the more complex the decision the better your gut will perform, if properly trained.

Science quiz. Creationists may want to sit this one out. I haven’t become as stupid as I thought, though clearly have difficulties with newer information.

People are getting less friendly on Facebook. I think it’s related to some deservedly popular app.

Robot fish able to lead real fish. I guarantee this concept will work in humans too.

Gangsta’s Paradise. To be consistent about enforcement the DOJ should now issue a site takedown order and charge Infragard with copyright infringement for hosting the video.

Statins linked with lower depression risk. Caveats galore. If true I would actually be quite worried. A drug that has effects on a large number of [seemingly unrelated] systems has higher odds of also having some very negative effects. Kind of like shooting yourself with a shotgun and assuming it will only hit bacteria.

Good news dieters! A new more accurate weight loss estimator. Bad news: You have to eat even less. Oh well, there’s always exercise.

People can no longer understand Middle English.


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