Pseudo Random Links

A different route to open source.

Wikileaks tries to be relevant again with the release of the Stratfor docs.

The next round of the flu arms race is almost here.

Understanding bacterial infection strategies.

I guess I’m too hopeful about scientific progress to use tattoos for my emergency health information

Genes and drugs. Further progress in tailoring to fit the individual. I’ve seen some work with immunosuppressants but the number of related polymorphisms being found is quite high so tailoring those drugs may still require a more statistical approach.

Cancers use immunomodulation to prosper, which opens the door to countermeasures.

More welfare for millionaires. Sacramento swallows a big dose of “stadium math.

Some people are born optimists. I think there are two ways to look at this case: 1) If you are made an example to that degree you aren’t going to win regardless of the merits of your case or 2) It was a very effective scare tactic aimed at the rest of the industry and will be dropped as quietly as possible after a year to two


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