Pseudo Random Links

Since the only reason any man is in a yoga, dance or cooking class is in the pursuit of sex this is hardly surprising, even without the pseudo scientific hormonal explanation.

Ghost town at Google+. A lack of critical mass is the issue. Everyone is waiting for everyone else to make the commitment so nothing happens. The Hangout video conferencing should get more emphasis, and increasing the maximum users in a conference would be very attractive to small, largely virtual companies.

It would be so nice for the great unwashed masses if companies competed economically rather than politically. Yahoo vs Facebook, and the rest of the patent wars are an especially egregious example.

I’m not sure this is as monumental as made out in this article but still an interesting development.

I’ve long thought that, by limiting the demand for withdrawals, 401(k) and IRA’s offer the perfect vehicle for Ponzi schemes. This may make a big ugly splash as boomers retire in larger numbers. With that in mind, this is probably not a very good sign.

It’s a mad, mad, Madoff world

Is a managed economy superior? Well, how many elite technocrats would predict a search engine algorithm would lead to this? The fatal conceit strikes again.

Why China will have an economic crisis. I disagree with some of the policy prescriptions but it’s a good description of the basic problems. The entire 20th Century was a fabulous example of central planning failing in every area in which it was tried, yet many seem intent on proving their insanity by doing it all over again and expecting different results.

This article reminded me I want to post at some point about the general folly of “improving” emotional states, particularly anxiety and pain from adverse events.


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