Pseudo Random Links

I tracked this down after the topic came up the other day in conversation. Gladwell on the inherent futility of spying.

An update on statins. The mental fuzziness and forgetfulness is a bit disturbing, though I can’t remember why. As I said in a prior post, the more benefits a drug is supposed to have, the more you should worry about the costs.

Trying to find cheap stocks against stupid people backed by seemingly limitless cheap funds and no market discipline does not seem like a good way to construct a value portfolio” Sounds a lot like the housing market to me. And bonds, and……

Google is now offering money for Chrome exploits. Does hacking the human users count?

New research shows humans are so easily lost they end up on other continents with some regularity.

Distorted reporting about the return of “debtor’s prisons.” You can wind up in jail for failure to appear for almost anything. Why aren’t they writing about parking ticket prisons? That’s equally outrageous.

The [lack of] science behind the headlines on attractiveness. The X-Y plot of facial attractiveness vs anti-HepB surface antigen is a classic.

A piece essentially about the Dunning-Kruger effect in economists

I think this piece is really more of a critique of click whoring by some game theorists rather than a valid critique of game theory, which if nothing else is a useful reminder that what we like to think of as the result of complex moral, social and intellectual judgments can also be produced by simple mindless algorithms.

Real estate in college towns is becoming more appealing: Med students turn to prostitution to pay the bills.

TED talk on hacking devices such as cars, medical devices etc. Very cool, or scary.

FBI Kool-Aid drinker’s view of the TSA. If it’s going to remain security theater at least make it a good show. Pat downs by attractive nude screeners and your choice of gender. Any man opting for back scatter is a terrorist. Case closed.


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