Sex, Immortality and Quality Control

There are some things that need improving around here.

Sex: Testosterone declines with age. Sexual activity declines with age. Most regulatory systems in the body have feedback in both directions. Therefore, increasing sexual activity with age may offset the observed declines in sex hormone levels. Look at Hugh Hefner. Even if it doesn’t work as intended it’s still a great excuse for increased activity.

Immortality: There are no selection pressures for extreme longevity, so obviously the solution to longer life spans is to create the necessary selection pressures. Women must delay breeding for as long as possible (or longer, to enhance the selection pressure), and when the time comes only allow themselves to be impregnated by the oldest men that can do the job. For fastest results the number of 100-year-old fertile men multiplied by the number of women a 100-year-old man can impregnate per year should determine the size of the pool of eligible women. By the time I’m 100 the pool of women could be expanded to include those 80 years my junior and still maintain decent selection pressures (see here)…

Quality Control: It’s no secret the stupid breed more than the intelligent. Look at any trailer park. To improve the human race it is therefore the duty of every intelligent man to impregnate as many intelligent women as possible. The hotter the better. In fruit flies being sexy and being smart are to a large degree mutually exclusive, presumably because of the metabolic costs of trying to do both. There seems to be a similar constraint in humans so we may as well address both issues simultaneously. I expect legislation on this matter to pass Congress with ease.


2 thoughts on “Sex, Immortality and Quality Control

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