Pseudo Random Links

Governments don’t like the sovereign CDS market, so given time it’s only natural they will find a way to destroy it. Investors have suspected for some time that a Greek default would be redefined to screw those betting on default, and now they are coming up with more ways to screw them.

Mish bitch slaps rich whiners.

Print your own drone quadcopter.

A brief on bubbles from Richard Bernstein.

A fairly rosy preview of Windows 8.
Developers, start your engines

10 best cities to buy REOs. Seattle is somewhat interesting but I don’t think it’s there yet.

Most overpriced housing markets in the developed world. If the numbers for Canada are as rosy as what is shown for the US, it’s going to get very ugly.

The usual leaping to conclusions from Zero Hedge but it makes a good point about tacitly guaranteeing investments. A similar implied put exists with the major banks so there is no reason not to expand the program. Isn’t that what “other assets” are on the Fed’s balance sheet?

Why is finance so big? From Baseline Scenario.Here is my answer:

US Federal Debt

Where do all those bonds go first? Where does bailout money go first? To the finance industry.


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