ScIeNcE & tEcH tOdAy

I guess this explains why politicians think they can run your life better than you can.

Turning down the body thermostat. Don’t let the global warming crowd hear about this.

In 2000 I was sitting in the waiting room at an organ transplant center lab waiting for Nurse Ratched to call my name when I overheard some other patients talking about their ignorance of any number of aspects of their care. The general consensus was voiced by one patient, “I leave it up to the angels.” An atheist, a pragmatist or someone who had initialed the “helps those who help themselves” clause would quickly assume their outcomes were almost guaranteed to be suboptimal. For the rest of you, there is now some proof.

Symbiosis gone wild! [Naughty video series coming soon]

Serious warp drive externalities. Some may still want to use it when they go to the in-laws.

Peeing Frenchman sues Google for making him ‘laughing stock’ Even in a small town there is probably someone who would testify it was a pre-existing condition.

A new explanation for Neanderthal genes in the human genome. Everyone knows human chick dig guys with boats

Non-stick coating on spiders.


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