Pseudo Random Links

Collusion add-on for Firefox. Graphical display of tracker activity as you browse. With Ghostery and NoScript there is nothing to show, but if you are browsing naked it’s a good eye-opener.

bclund on the attitude of entitlement.  I really prefer “tramp stamp” to refer to those tattoos.

Look out slackers – Facebook profile predicts job performance better than IQ. More interesting to me is what scientific basis there is for claiming these traits – extroversion, conscientiousness, emotional stability, agreeableness and openness to new experiences – lead to better job performance. Shit rolls downhill and certainly the ability to get hit in the face with a huge ball of it, wipe it off your face, lick your fingers, say “thanks for this great new experience!” and still show up on time the next day none the worse for wear is likely to be rewarded on your next review, but assumes performance is measured by something entirely divorced from your output. Never mind, that’s a very valid assumption.

Since previous stories linked the mention of actress Anne Hathaway to moves in Berkshire stock this would hardly be surprising

Reaching the 7th level of computer security paranoia. Hardware backdoors.

Men, the remote control you’ve always wanted is almost here.

The long evolutionary history of sexual politics. For some reason this keeps making me think of PDX.

Fear of creativity.

The trader within. You probably thought you made those decisions.



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