Pseudo Random Links

Kiddie carbon cap trading proposed in China. This should be very appealing to redistributionists and environmentalists in the West too.

Short summary of the new thinking about the function of the appendix. Turns out it beat Google+ to the Hangout idea by a million years or so.

To the bunkers! They have robot fish leading schools of fish astray, swarms of quadrotors to darken the sky and now a robotic cheetah to chase your sorry human ass down. Only 18 mph so far, but that’s this week.

Tinker, Tailor, Hacker, Spy. LulzSec reportedly busted.

Steven Colbert’s paranoia is vindicated. Guns don’t significantly alter outcomes when a bear attacks. A lack of preparation could also be a factor.

Humans are always the easiest target.

Good piece from Michael Kinsley on the apology theater of modern politics. No name citizens testifying before Congress are almost entirely paid shills dredged up by political hacks to fill a role, so there’s no sympathy needed regardless what heat they take.


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