Pseudo Random Links

It’s nice to see some of the last decade of research about memory getting more into the mainstream. Recreating memories each time we “remember” means we are continually reinventing our past and therefore ourselves in ways that reflect our current environment. Who we are at any moment in time is an ad hoc assembly.

NSA releases secure Android specs. Bruce Schneier’s capsule summary is here.

Set up those public private Facebook, etc. accounts now. That way when a school or employer demands your access information you can provide the sanitized accounts and keep the real one to yourself. Same concept as the hidden OS in Truecrypt.

You will never kill piracy, and piracy will never kill you. Good piece on Forbes no less. The tide may be turning. The followup article is also a good read.

An alternative interpretation of the Fed’s latest official leak. No matter what they call it, every action the Fed takes distorts the economy and moves it further from satisfying the desires of the masses.

Feeling down from lack of sunlight? Shine a light in your ears.

Analyzing internet censorship via “internet background radiation”.

Race pacing strategy in sperm. The bane of many a marathon runner is mastered by a brainless sperm cell.

Targeting renal fibrosis in kidney failure.

Stem cells in de novo transplantation. Overblown reporting as usual but it’s very promising for a subset of transplant recipients.

Security company releases attack code. I think it’s a good move.

Attack of the clones. Very rich clones. Smaller US companies frequently ignore the rest of the world until late in the game, so why not capitalize on that blind spot?





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