Pseudo Random News and Comment

Trailer for Bobcat Goldthwait’s new film. From the trailer it looks like sort of a cross between Falling Down and Heathers

Heresy! They are starting to get dangerously close to the Austrian Business Cycle theory with this stuff, though without realizing it.  Source.

The latest from Bridgewater via World Beta

If only this truthy guide to generating financial content had been written before I started this blog. Some real times time savers revealed.

Have I mentioned yet that I really hate infographics?

If even Microsoft has figured out the PC is so totally over you need to start wondering what really will be the next big thing. I vote retinal projection displays with some form of brain scan assisted interface.

The alchemy roots of modern finance. Reminds me of the great book on the history of speculation, Devil Take the Hindmost.

Great number crunching on the China real estate bubble. A further issue with urbanization is even if population and housing stock were roughly in balance it doesn’t mean anyone can afford to buy it.

Wells Fargo ends free checking in 6 more states. Who’s next?

Everyone has synesthesia in some way

Face recognition has often been characterized as holistic but this shows recognition based on parts is just as accurate. Doesn’t necessarily mean the whole isn’t the preferred method since it’s probably quicker.

The dangerously faulty statistics of “stranger danger”. Just like murders, most are committed by people the victims know.

Beta blockers reduce racism. Reducing signs of emotional arousal cause the interpretation to change, a reversal of the causative chain. This seems to happen in all sorts of brain activity. There goes another chunk of free will.

I’m still trying to figure out how this research on microtubules ties in with memory erasure. Presumably the chemical component would be linked into that process somewhere.



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