Weekend News and Comment

Man bites dog. Sr. flight attendant subdued by passengers (and crew). She probably just needed a hot towel.

Review of a new biography of Kurt Vonnegut. I saw Vonnegut speak when I was in college during the dark ages. I want to say it was unforgettable but I know better than to believe that. He lived through many horrors in life, never forgetting that they were in fact horrors and captured that as well as anyone.

Fiduciary duty is now entirely reduced to mythological status. An example from Goldman Sachs.

A great list of startup ideas and an even better way to think about them. Also highlights the Google search problem very well. It’s gotten to the point where it feels like whatever you type into their search box is virtually ignored and they return the results they want you to see instead.

Oral bisphosphonate reduces colon cancer incidence and mortality. All at the low, low price of an osteonecrotic jaw and an atypical fracture or two.



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