Weekend Pseudo Random News and Comment

The ongoing scam of daylight saving time. Half of my life has been in places that didn’t observe DST and it’s always been a blessed relief.

Missed it by that much. The Get Smart version of regret is always worse.

PirateBox wireless fire sharing  Next the RIAA et al will have to close down college campuses for providing a venue for file sharing.

An ugly summary of the explosion in student loan debt. If it’s such a great investment why aren’t hedge funds springing up to capture that upside? They’ve already done it for lawsuits.

A new excuse for lousy investments. My genes made me do it. I’ve thought there must be a genetic basis for investing strategy for a number of years, after realizing my father, sister and me all have a similar gut-level feel for secular turning points and value/contrarian tendencies. I used to think my decisions were the result of all the work and study I’d put in but in retrospect all that really did was provide a quantitative rationalization for what I would have done anyway.

Would a cashless society have less crime? It’s all a matter of definition. It would change behavior only very marginally; how that behavior is categorized is entirely up to the state. If holding cash were illegal a cashless society would drastically lower crime. Hey, great reelection statistics!


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