Pseudo Random News and Comment, Tech Hypocrisy Edition

The hypocrisy of Silicon Valley. I find using the law against your competitors while flouting it yourself morally repugnant. Backing misguided laws, whether directly through lobbying or indirectly by taking advantage of them, is ignorant at best. Having created a powerful regulatory apparatus to use against your enemies, it’s the height of arrogance and hubris to assume you will always be able to pull the strings. At some point it will be used against you too. Oops.

More on the hypocrisy. Apple’s suit against Samsung over the Galaxy and where Apple stole the idea for the iPad.

In other mind-numbing regulatory abuse Apple patents business analysis. Patents and copyright need to be abolished, plain and simple.  The best way to destroy a flawed system is to push it to its limits and it’s hard to come up with a better method of doing so than this inadvertent example, so I supposed it should be welcomed in some sense.

Kim Dotcom: Many Megaupload users in US government. Priceless.

Interesting look at real housing prices. Too bad real incomes haven’t managed to keep up.

Getting started on the first exhibit in the new Jurassic Park. Cloning a Mammoth.

Paypal reverses e-book content ban. Unlike some they have apparently decided writing about something is not as bad as actually doing it.


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