100th Post and 12th Transplant Anniversary Medical Links and Comment

This Reuters version of the kidney transplantation without immunosuppressants story does a better job of pointing out the risks of the method.

The battle over anemia correction rages on. This round goes to the complete correction camp. At some point baseline pre-renal failure hemoglobin levels need to be taken into account. Data that far back could be hard to come by for many patients but I suspect it would help clarify the inconsistent results to date.

Understanding the causes of kidney transplant failure. Non-compliance continues to be a significant factor. A lot of grading and interpretation goes into this analysis but overall it seems logical.

Increased risk of death in kidney transplant with mTOR inhibitors and no history of malignancy. I can’t put my finger on it but something about the way statistical tools were used in this study bugs me. There is so much slicing and dicing of data on what ends up a very small population I’m not at all sure this is a valid result for the general population.

Replacing AZA in kidney transplant recipients reduces skin photosensitivity and DNA damage. I recall reading something 15 years ago that said AZA was a direct cause of skin cancer through the mechanism described in this article.

After 100 posts I still have no clear direction for the blog and I’m not likely to develop one since I really have no consistent focus in any other part of life either. It is what it is. Even at 2.33 posts per day I’ve only seriously considered quitting a half-dozen times. I’m not sure whether that’s an indication of my commitment or a near complete lack of quality control making writing easier.

Today is also the 12th anniversary of my kidney transplant. Thanks to my sister for the donation, and to the compliant doctors who have assisted with my “good theory and some promising preliminary results”-based medicine. 1.3 creatinine after 12 years ain’t bad but it will never be good enough. Regenerating a replacement is still on the agenda.


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