7 Ways to be Friends with Yourself

Since you can already get into your own pants any time you want, it’s easy to take yourself for granted and not treat yourself very well. This in turn makes it harder to feel good about yourself. Act more like you would with someone whose pants you haven’t gotten into yet:

1. Buy or make yourself a thoughtful gift. This is one of those cases where size really doesn’t matter. Almost everyone has received some small gift that still means more than all the others. Aim for one of those.

2. Take yourself out on a date. No reason, no occasion, just something nice because you deserve it. Don’t try to impress yourself with how much you spend – and no expectations when you get back to your place either.

3. Spend some quiet time with yourself. Just you and your thoughts. Listen and don’t be judgmental.

4. Pay attention. There are many voices in your head. Be quiet and see what they have to say.

5. Be polite. Watch what you say when you talk to yourself. Avoid being insulting, abusive,  or overly critical.

6. Do things that create attraction. Surprise, Humor, Exercise, Challenge, Mystery, Danger, and Novelty all increase attraction because they release a similar neurochemical cascade in the brain. Do things that elicit them with yourself.

7. Don’t tolerate unacceptable things. Would you respect a person who put up with that? If you put up with it, whatever it is for you, you won’t be able to respect yourself either. It doesn’t mean you have to be that person annoying everyone in the restaurant but stick up for yourself on things that really matter.

You have no choice but to spend all your time in your own company so do what you can to be your own best friend. You’ll avoid feeling awkward being stuck in a room with that person again.


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