Pseudo Random News and Comment

The security of multi-word passphrases. Better than passwords but still not stellar. I still think the best method is to require at least an 8 character password, but entered into a larger field along with whatever gibberish you want. As long as your password is somewhere in that field you’re in. It obviously wouldn’t prevent users from sabotaging themselves with stupid passwords always typed starting in the first position of the field but for those who want security it would make brute force attacks much more difficult.

Backdoor Bailout 101. One of the many ways to funnel money to the banks illustrated by Mish.

Human origins getting muddier all the time. If they can find some DNA it’s almost certain there is some in modern humans somewhere.

WARNING: Women cause cognitive impairment in men.  Clearly the government should mandate warning labels on all females.

Interactive periodic table.

The best way to play a lottery, and why you shouldn’t…It works in much the same way as a Martingale strategy.

What one quality predicts a good doctor? Curiosity.

Saying something can make it true. Politicians have thought this for years.

A different route to achieving gecko-like adhesion.

The brain fog of menopause confirmed. No wonder the world is screwed up. Women can’t think straight from menopause and PMS and men can’t think straight when they even think of being around a woman. An example of what results is here.

Rappers tend to have a very poor opinion of cops. Maybe you should too.

The smart meth heads are now stealing Tide to sell for drug money. The dumb ones of course continue to be electrocuted trying to steal copper wire out of transformers.


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