Pseudo Random News and Comment

An exaggerated view of the risks to startups from using crowdfunding.

The biomechanics of good running. Just in time. may truly be doomed. Not just from bad karma either. Couldn’t happen to a more deserving company.

Deconstructing the supposed stress tests. Remember those numbers are after a number of accounting rules were changed to allow more deceptive treatment.

A panel of experts predicts the Supremes will rule in favor of Obamacare. If they do and leave the individual mandate to buy insurance intact it will be one of the stupidest, far-reaching and dangerous decisions they have made. The minute it clears the Court I guarantee there will be a basket of bills in Congress to mandate all manner of compulsory purchases. There is no reason it couldn’t be extended to require buying a GM car every 2 years, with a loan from Citi, and payments deducted monthly from the mandatory BofA checking account. The Keynesian fear of inadequate aggregate demand could finally be directly addressed by forcing people to spend and borrow despite the hangover from yet another Fed blown bubble bursting leaving them jobless and broke. Happy days are here again!

Hilarious TED talk putting the media copyright lobby’s numbers in perspective. Only 5 minutes long too.

Fruit flies self medicate with alcohol for another reason: no sex.

NLP style strategy for resisting temptation. Say “I don’t” rather than “I can’t.” Then it’s your choice instead of one imposed upon you.

So many cells inside you may be talking behind your back. Cancer cells included.



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