Pseudo Random News and Comment

I’m so fed up with politics and economics today (they are the same thing since the Keynesian revolution), so this is a tech heavy edition.

Brilliant campaign using the copyright trolls’ logic against them. Send them your money.

Nice penetration gadget based on plug computer platform.

10 reasons I’d rather marry a robot. Good points but the technology still has a way to go.

Dr Seuss’ failed adult book. Fascinating and decidedly un-sexy.

Moldova apparently making a move into tech haven. I’m still waiting for some nowhere country to adopt a gold standard and stake out the new age tax haven territory.

Latest on the LulzSec arrest.

Darwinian theory of beauty on TED. The now moribund Psychology of Beauty site has a number of good posts analyzing the often over-hyped science of beauty.

Worry about Google privacy issues when they should be worrying about these guys.

How Yahoo weaponized my work. Applies to all software companies today, and most of the others too. For anyone wanting to delve more into the subject Against Intellectual Property is a good introduction to the anti-IP case.

A bond king mentioning Apple as the greatest short ever seemed like anything but a top to me but this story about Apple options activity is making be rethink that a little. The idea that Android tablets are now ~45% of the market from 2% two years ago doesn’t help either.

I suppose better money market yields would finally be one positive for the little guy in all the Fed’s desperate bailout moves.

Where not to fish. Map of possible Fukushima radiation impact on the ocean food chain.



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