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Free online cryptography course at Stanford.

FBI bitch slapped by pimp’s phone. But a stupid opponent is often more dangerous than a knowledgeable one. Maybe the FBI should stop doing internet porn searches and read something like this.

This is just plain funny. Marines asked to disarm before Panetta speech.

The next wave of bicycle seat marketing is in the works. Handlebar position affects female genital sensations. I think using the wrong seat for a person’s pelvic structure is the real cause. There are limits to how low you can go but most seats seem to be constructed/designed to cause either back or pelvic problems when trying to be aerodynamic, and cutting out the middle section is only a partial solution.

From a piece on the hand-wringing over slowed drug development in mental health:

Despite nearly 40% of the population being affected by issues, which includes everything from depression and dementia to anxiety and schizophrenia, the researchers say there is a crisis in the development of new treatments for these disorders. [Bold mine]

Clearly there is a serious problem with defining what really constitutes a disorder. See my earlier post on the topic here. The problem of drug development is because physiologic causes for these supposed disorders have never been identified, making it impossible to develop a drug to target the cause. What’s left are glorified placebos and non-specific uppers and downers. The difficulty of developing a drug that beats a placebo in those circumstances, even with cherry picked studies, makes it too unprofitable for many manufacturers. Thankfully.

A jump in HPV-related oral cancers in the UK. Fluids can be dangerous.

Interesting piece on widely adopted good strategies turning things into games of chance. It’s always good to ask how many greater fools are left, and better to buy when nobody else is. Not an easy thing for most people.

Breast-feeding passenger settles airline lawsuit. So lets say they change the rules to allow breast feeding on planes (and everywhere else). I need a ruling: What is the age limit to be considered a “child.” It would certainly improve my opinion of air travel.


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