Pseudo Random News and Comment

I’m glad Yves Smith of Naked Capitalism fame took the time to dismantle Roger Lowenstein’s deification of Ben Bernanke. Otherwise I would have had to take a shot at it.

TRB with a post on the “billion Bernie Madoffs” behind China’s economic statistics. Unfortunately for China the lack of trust isn’t confined to just government statistics. When most of the population pays almost no taxes and even the very richest still want to leave that’s not a good sign. Especially when combined with ugly demographic trends.

Succession problems in China’s political elite.

Cool chart at The Big Picture comparing the current Apple move to the 2007 Google euphoria. Hopefully it isn’t a good indicator of the economic future this time around:

Of mice and men. The Vikings and their house mice tracked by DNA.

A terribly unflattering dissection of Pinterest’s terms of service. They own everything you post for starters.

The dangers of reality distortion fields. Doesn’t help when the entire management/business book publishing biz is based on ignoring survivorship bias to tell you how to succeed either.

How to learn from mistakes. Focus more on the learning process than the immediate outcome.

Interesting, but long, piece on the function and history of debt.

I find this house strangely tolerable. I don’t find the individual elements that appealing but it works well together.

Orthostatic hypotension predicts heart failure. No mention of controlling for fitness levels.

Women find another reason to exercise. And I thought it was who they were meeting at the gym.

The internet age is killing off words. Damn spellcheckers. To counter this trend I offer the following: Breasticulate, the act of gesturing with ones breasts. “But honey, she was breasticulating at me!”


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