Pseudo Random News and Comment

I was wondering when Google would join the fray on the side of cyberlockers. Amazon and any other company interested in cloud services should be doing the same thing, otherwise no user can ever trust their data is in any way safe.

Ultimate Fighting hints at a war on its fans. That would be a great move morons.

Interesting times. Rumors of hacker satellites and now The Pirate Bay is taking to the skies. I can see the first mission of the micro-drone mega-flocks shaping up rapidly. But I read elsewhere they are looking at small balloon-based platforms as well, which could go up to 60,000 ft. That would make the intercept and destroy mission significantly more difficult.

The CIA plans to turn your refrigerator against you. Funny how stories like this one seem to appear mostly on foreign sites.

Chinese industrial espionage upsets the US, presumably because they are now doing it on a bigger scale than the CIA. I think anyone planning to invest or do business in China should be required to read Mr China by Tim Clissold to get a better understanding of the sophistication of schemes there. They’ve had 5000 years of experience getting what they want dealing with the labyrinthine machinations of totalitarian governments; in comparison the level of strategic skill in the US is laughable. The priceless part of the article is at the end where the head of AMSC says that, after getting reamed by China, he’s now working on deals in Russia and India. Good luck with that. Maybe he should watch this old video of William Browder on Hermitage Capital’s Russian experiences.

One man’s escape from a North Korean prison camp. Though intellectually I understand the majority of people placed in the guard roles at that camp would end up acting similarly I still find it incomprehensible that they do.

Sort of a follow-up to the shady China economic numbers story – US games with unemployment statistics. Hmmm, people with similar interests do similar things with no need for conspiracy.

Barry Ritholtz has a piece today, 5 Things That Surprised Me About A Career on Wall Street. One line in particular caught my eye: “…everyone on Wall Street who ever got into to trouble was impatient…”  This is true of almost everything in life. Force trades and you lose money, force a mountain descent and you crash, force trying to get laid and you won’t. In a laser-focused rush through life you’re apt to miss something that would have been much better, sitting quietly at the side of the road unnoticed.

Venice is still sinking. What’s the annual tonnage of American tourists there? It could be a problem with increased local gravity.

Twitter bots on the attack. This time targeting Tibetan protests.


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