Pseudo Random News and Comment

Followup on The Pirate Bay taking to the air. Another group has already put a demonstration project up.

Mish with a more detailed critique of the Bernanke roadshow.

From Mebane Faber an amusing note on the status of the Buffett v Protege 10 year bet. Given a choice between A and B it’s amazing how often C wins.

The original tablet maker triples after Republican hack mention: Etch A Sketch. I wonder how many in the campaign had already invested before the comment? I also wonder if this is more proof of automated trading based on the news. What does EMH stand for again?

Can the NSA break AES? Just like at the grocery store you can always double bag it, paper in plastic, and make it much more difficult to get through.

Watson takes time out from humiliating humans on Jeopardy to finish residency at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center.

The hygiene hypothesis gets a big boost. Basically, when you’re young it’s especially important to pick it up off the floor and eat it.

Born to run, and get high from it. If that’s the case why are so many people sedentary?

Most sinus infections don’t require antibiotics. That’s likely news to a lot of doctors.

Why Twitter will get more annoying. In some ways the result of intelligent design being injected into memetic evolution.

Reminder: We’re adults and can do what we want. Isn’t that great?


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