Missed It By That Much

After 6 hours trying different ridges we gave up trying to find an abandoned trail in the Kaniakapupu and Luakaha Falls area that goes directly up from Nuuanu Valley to the Nuuanu Viewpoint. It’s not too hard to figure out which ridge on a topo map but I refuse to use a GPS to navigate and the thick vegetation prevents visually picking the correct ridge at the bottom, where many split into multiple smaller ridges.

Before running out of time we ended up going 2/3 of the way to the top on another wrong guess before finally reaching a clearing and finding we had missed by one ridge. Better luck next time. 20 years ago I could start from Judd Trail and walk straight to it but memories are devilishly deceptive descriptions of reality.

On the map, we wanted to get to point A to go to point C, but ended up on point B going nowhere. Another trail to find is the old one from Judd Trail straight up the ridge where the Nuuanu Trail now sits. Before the current trail was constructed in the early 90’s that was the only way up.


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