Pseudo Random News and Comment

Via The Big Picture, issues with defining death: The evolution of death. This is a very important issue is modern medicine. As progress marches on it’s becoming more and more like The Princess Bride: Is the patient mostly dead or totally dead? The answer depends almost entirely on the state of medical knowledge.

New guidelines for determining death were published in 2010. (Story, Abstract, Full text available here using free 30 day trial). Unfortunately, fewer than 2/3 of emergency and ICU physicians, and fewer than 1/3 non-physicians, were even aware of the previous guidelines, so practice patterns are all over the map and whether you are dead or not depends on who is making the decisions (source). To make things worse Medicare pays hospitals a fixed amount based on diagnosis, so they are paid the same whether you die in 10 minutes or 10 weeks. Incentives affect human decision-making, both consciously and unconsciously so…..

I thought the lesson of history was the freer society wins the war. I guess others disagree. Obama signs an executive order to implement war socialism whenever.

Dumb[phone] and proud. The smartphone holdouts are still hanging on.

The shoe empire strikes back. In the modern infectious debris environment I think barefoot running is asking for trouble, but I’m a big fan of minimalist shoes (for hiking too).

A reminder on the inputs to housing affordability. People also have to be willing to lend.


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