Pseudo Random News and Comment

Microsoft’s latest botnet takedowns. Based on the amount of spam I get these efforts seem to help, but within a month or two, volume comes back to the previous level. Still, the overall volume does seems lower in the last year after a couple of the majors were jailed.

A review of Three Felonies A Day by Harvey Silverglate. With the CFR and administrative law Congress is able to pass vague laws on things they know nothing about while the real law is effectively created later in the regulations, subject to all manner of influence and manipulation, allowing arbitrary and capricious enforcement to be elevated to a new level.

Several good pieces from Ludwig von Mises Institute: The Seven Rules of Bureaucracy, Forecasting: The Model Solution, Chamber of Corporatism.

Gold bug’s rebuttal to Bernanke. I have at least one quibble – when talking about falling prices in the late 1800’s the dramatic increase in productivity isn’t mentioned. Very similar to the drops in computing prices over the last 30 years, that even tripling general prices couldn’t erase. Falling prices are the natural result of a free market with hard money.

The [not so] secret reason Apple is crushing Google. Evidently I’m a “geeky technologist.”

Rick Perry can tell jokes. Where were those writers during the campaign? A candidate who treated the whole election thing like the joke it is might do pretty well. Where’s Colbert?

Boosting online sales with cleavage. When the time comes to monetize this blog, rest assured I will keep this in mind.

Make love, not war. Works for water striders.

Genetic basis for infidelity?

My prayers have been answered! REGULAR CHOCOLATE EATERS ARE THINNER, and popcorn beats fruits and vegetables for antioxidants.


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