Pseudo Random News and Comment

Pinterest is changing their terms of service after getting caught by blogger. Of course they can slip it back in on some other TOS update too.

Tighter security on SAT, ACT after cheating arrests. As much as $3500? These enterprising kids need to work on their marketing if that’s all they could get in NYC.

Never check luggage. If you need more reason read this story. Even for a cynic like me it’s appalling, and that’s after reading a number of organized airport theft ring stories.

More on the Bo Xilai saga, this time focusing on the death of Neil Heywood. The connection would make more sense of Wang’s temporary refuge in the US embassy.

US home prices fell at a slower rate in January. The bottom is in! The bottom is in!

Mish on Obamacare oral arguments yesterday. I don’t think there is any doubt the government can make you buy absolutely anything – from the government. That battle was lost long ago. The issue I think has never been adequately addressed is whether they can make you buy drugs, cars, cell phones, or wars from a private party.

The business is death, and business is booming. Drone Studies students are killing it. God help us all.

The notoriously difficult straddle play. Great piece featuring this gem: “Rather, it wins if the stock moves up or down more than is expected.  Sadly, the options market isn’t run by dimwitted ignoramuses.”

If ad copy were honest, this is what it would say

RIP, using your house as an ATM. I think that ATM has been seriously ill for some time even without rising rates.


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