Pseudo Random News and Comment

LOL. Shitter – turn your tweets into toilet paper

Fact checking the employers asking for Facebook passwords story. I was wondering about this.

Patents show their true face, once again. Regardless what the propagandists have to say, they aren’t there to improve the lives of consumers.

FBI taught agents they could bend or suspend the law. <sarcasm> I find this extremely unlikely </sarcasm>

Google+ Hangout Apps Come Out Of Hiding This may actually be pretty big news.

With you in the room, bacteria counts spike. Oh, you dirty swine.

Adjuvant compounds resuscitate antibiotics. For a while at least.

Let’s talk about dying. TED talk on the subject of death and dying, with some very bad news.

Good piece on Housing Bubbles, House Prices and Interest Rates. I did a similar calculation for the US a number of years ago based on the assumption that most people are buying a monthly payment rather than a house.


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