Pseudo Random News and Comment

Good piece on the results of former GS prop traders. Apparently front-running generated a lot more of their alpha than they realized. I wonder how they are rationalizing this turn of events, since they almost certainly believed the money they got from GS was entirely justified.

Intermarket correlations – 10 years ago and today. The market monoculture shown in these numbers is likely to lead to the equivalent of an extinction event at some point.

Researchers clobber Khelios spam botnet. But the new version, Khelios.C, appears within hours. The best of these programs now include their own antivirus software to clean out and competition and ensure nobody else’s bad code leads to discovery of a problem. It’s a fascinating evolutionary landscape.

10 Golden Rules to blowing your trading account out. It helps to start by funding the account with the minimum allowed too.

Student loans on the rise – for kindergarten. Depending on major and institution college barely makes sense already. How is this expected to pay off? If it’s pure status-seeking gathering the kids around a campfire of $100 bills, roasting marshmallows, and posting it on Youtube might generate a better return. can now detect your age. More or less. If this catches on men will no longer be able to lie about how old they think a woman is.

Dengue virus turns on mosquito genes that make them hungrier. We just have to hope it doesn’t evolve to where it causes the same behavior in infected humans.

Splitting out the longevity effects of Rapamycin.


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