Pseudo Random News and Comment

Maybe my favorite architect, Takeshi Hosaka. I wouldn’t necessarily want to live in them all but very striking designs.

Naked Capitalism comments on the study (linked to previously) which showed an inverse relationship between patient satisfaction and medical outcomes. If you can’t be bothered to take a serious interest in your health, you shouldn’t expect anyone else to be more interested. There is an inherent asymmetry between your concern with your health and anyone else’s concern for it simply because you have more at risk than they do. With all the information available online there is no excuse for not being a well-informed patient. Over time physicians can become jaded like everyone else, and uncaring patients will tend to produce uncaring doctors. I didn’t go into medicine because I knew that would soon be me, and my parents gave me a strong sense of fiduciary duty (which has cost me countless unethical opportunities).

Piece on long-term benefits of doping. It naively assumes suspended athletes stop doping. But it’s not the first time Don Caitlin has chosen to ignore the obvious.

Benefits of diversifying across asset classes. The time period covered is too short for my taste but does include both an internet bubble and lost decade for stocks so it’s not a bad sample.

California getting Fuk’ed by the plume.

Lotteries are NOT taxes on the poor. I’m tired of hearing this lame analogy. Taxes aren’t voluntary, lotteries are. If taxes are made voluntary I will gladly concede the point – after a delirious, 3 week, non-stop party.

Sino-Forest files for bankruptcy protection. Thank goodness they held on long enough for the insiders to cash out under the table.

“Massive” credit card processor breach. In my experience the fraud departments are generally pretty good at catching fraudulent charges (which means they know a disturbing amount about your spending patterns), but there’s no replacement for reconciling those statements every month.

Just because their families back home depend on them sending money, they can’t show a little more gratitude? Foxconn workers upset over reduced hours

Google planning direct tablet sales later this year. Cool, but I still like my rooted Nook.



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