Science and Medicine News and Comment

People who practice suffering every day do the same thing as people who practice their golf swing: they get better at it. You can’t control everything in life, but you can always change your mind.

More evidence for liquid water on Mars. The probability of alien critters is rising. I wonder what what color of slime you can make out of them?

Birth Control Pills Have Lasting Effects on Relationships If she’s on the pill she only wants you for your pocketbook and not that other bulge in your pants.

More self-medicating insects. This time bees, but I still haven’t seen any cases of insects doing it recreationally.

Study finds interrogational torture harsh and ineffective. Duh. Even the CIA knew that as long ago as 1963. The KUBARK torture manual, declassified in the late 90’s, was pretty clear about the threat of torture, particularly to loved ones, being more effective than actual torture. Besides, if they hate freedom wouldn’t they enjoy being detained?



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