Pseudo Random News and Comment

Danger Will Robinson! According to Ghostery, the home page of has 10 third-party elements (advertisements, tracking, analytics, privacy, widgets, etc.) and an article page I was reading had 19. Adjust your shields and cloaking devices accordingly.

Obama tells Supremes – If you don’t let us do unconstitutional things our schemes won’t work. Quite so. I believe that’s why that Constitution thingy was written.

Student debt and senior citizens. If this doesn’t make you rethink the wisdom of student loans I’m not sure what will.

Sex offender registries in 5 states overestimate by 43%. Two teen sexters can end up on the registry in some states so it’s hard to tell what the numbers really mean to your safety even without the tabulation errors.

Dieting moms may have fatter kids. Makes epigenetic sense. If mom is facing a harsh environment, junior would be better off being able to pack it on easily.

Investors aim to buy homes by the thousands. The very fact that people are this eager to jump back in is proof it isn’t a bottom. On top of all the usual assumptions that go estimating returns, cap rates are being judged against the current very low interest rates. Even if vacancies, deadbeats, and damage are dodged, rising rates will eventually make those 4% cap rates lose their appeal and affordability will get crushed, making a graceful exit very difficult.

Felix Salmon may soon stop trying to convince himself the girlfriend who dumped him and did the entire football team while he watched (her name is Groupon after all) will come back to him and everything will be great.

Great 5 part series in progress over at TBP – Home Affordability Reality Check. Part 1, Part 2.

Interesting shipping container off the grid house. If you want to do one it’s probably about time to get the ball rolling. Container traffic will pick up again someday and prices of containers will too.

Nicely done mini loft apartment. What more do you need?


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