Science and Medicine News and Comment

Stem cells from another species are better young and ignorant. Just the way many men like them.

Structural diversity in social contagion. Evidently Facebook isn’t a disease, it spreads better with contact from multiple sources rather than more contact from a single source.

Narcissists excel in job interviews. That explains a lot.

Fizzy drinks adverse health effects. I really, really hope this isn’t validated by future studies.

Time to tweak those models again. Oceans started warming 100+ years ago.

The Glass is Half-Full: Overestimating the Quality of a Novel Environment is Advantageous Pessimists miss opportunities.

3 more retractions from resveratrol promoter Dipak Das. I can’t say I’m in any way surprised. Anything that can conceivably be sold as a supplement OTC is like a huge pile of dung waiting for the maggots.


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