Pseudo Random News and Comment

Why is the US so prudish? Imagine sex is just sex.

Newly discovered relative of T Rex was the largest feathered dinosaur. Imagine Thanksgiving with that bird…

Part 4 of 5 in The Big Picture housing recovery series: Foreclosures!

In the world of tech it doesn’t get much bigger than this – Anonymous executes a major offensive in China. This is such a major loss of face to Chinese officials the response is likely to be extremely brutal. Social engineering is so much a part of hacking these days I have to wonder how much of an inside job this was.

World War 3.0. Battle for control of the internet.

What happens when you lose your smart phone? Symantec finds out.

“Newt Gingrich think tank files bankruptcy.”  I just find that headline hilarious.

The less energy devoted to thinking, the more conservative the opinion. I think this is somehow related to that headline..

This sounds very intriguing. New stem cell provides safe, prolific source for disease modeling and transplant studies.

To briefly summarize a host of medical studies on the subject: Exercise is good. Use it or lose it applies to everything in the human body.


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