Pseudo Random News and Comment

Hotel’s Free Wi-Fi Comes With Hidden Extras. I always suspected something like that was going on. Nothing in life is free, especially the free stuff.

Google+ grew 27% in March. So I guess they’re still around. It’s funny people are asking about what “active” means since Facebook counts clicking a “Like” button as an active user.

Human modem: A human who takes output from one computer and inputs it into another computer. Speeds and error rates are abysmal, yet they remain frequently used more than a decade into the 21st century. The news and comment posts on this blog are an example. I’m considering a number of solutions. Very much related to the fact that  humans suck at monitoring computers.

An example of the true cost of a $1/yr CEO. Given them a break. If they didn’t get other compensation they would be in violation of Federal wage and hour laws, and they can’t expect to receive different treatment under the law can they?

The final installment of Barry’s housing analysis.

What’s the easiest way to cheat on your taxes? The list of questionable deductions misrepresents things somewhat. If you are a stripper or actress, gym memberships and cosmetic surgery can be deductible costs of doing business.

Tom Boonen solos to victory at Paris-Roubaix. Record tying 4th victory. The 52km solo is a little too reminiscent of Museeuw’s Aranesp-fueled victory a few years ago for this to feel like anything but a provisional result. Perpetual top 10 rider Flecha had another good ride for no result.

Clara House. I actually kind of like this in a way, but if this is representative of the typical project getting done in Portugal the economy is clearly in the toilet. It looked like there was a CRT TV in there.

Parents worried “autistic” children may in fact be normal.

Brilliant example of survivorship bias: 1981 climate prediction eerily accurate.

Further progress on how stress alters immune function. Well, it’s progress if you count finding gene expression altered in 987 genes as progress. The more you know, the more you know you don’t know.

Interesting study on the perils of data collection.


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