Pseudo Random News and Comment

Bo Xilai officially booted from top party posts and wife arrested on suspicion of murdering British businessman Neil Heywood. As the US continues trampling the rule of law one can only hope an expedited political process like this will be implemented so that we can at least be spared the interminable yet meaningless election campaigns.

More research linking homophobia and unwanted feelings. I still like the penile blood flow studies on this topic the best. This methodology is just too dry and impersonal.

How to do your architecture to get bought for a billion. It’s either amazing or nothing at all, depending on how I read it. This piece claims Facebook was in a panic to buy out a future competitor.

Is it possible to have an asocial network? That is something I might join.

Revisiting whether men and women can be “just friends.” It’s certainly possible, but for many men, whether intentionally or not, female friends are inventory on hand in case they get back-ordered.

Fascinating article: What haven’t we cured cancer yet? (Revisited): Personalized medicine vs evolution. The aging process is probably more homogenous so it may be easier to create a virus that causes immortality than cure “cancer” as a monolithic entity.

Howard Lindzon on what a market top looks like …part 2  I especially like “Tops are generally processes as the paper transfers from the few to the many.”

Best Buy CEO resigns. As much as CEO’s love the demise and troubles of competitors, in reality it’s never a good sign for the future.

FBI: Smart meter hacks likely to spread. It’s been happening for as long as they’ve been around. Since many are for things far more necessary than cable they’re a very tempting target.

The mystery of the flying laptop. NYT tries to make sense of TSA regulations. Good luck with that. Too bad it’s not like real theater where the play will soon be over.

Finding where the smarts is. I think this is overly simplified. Even simple tasks cause large areas of the brain to become active. While brain damage can easily reveal the large-scale features, the subtler details are more difficult to untangle. There is also the issue of how valid tests of general intelligence really are. These results may indicate more about test taking skills than general intelligence – in which case the claims are more believable.

Finding where the smarts isn’t. Don’t forget it could be you.

Oops. Frequent dental X-rays linked to most common brain tumor But damn, you have nice teeth. The TSA scanners are potentially even more dangerous since they aren’t tested and regulated the way medical devices are, so the dose you receive could be quite high.


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