Pseudo Random News and Comment

The die is cast by age 3. Undercontrolled temperment at age 3 predicts disordered gambling at age 32. I have to wonder what predicts ordered gambling.

Speculation about Neil Heywood. I generally go with some mixture of all of the above in this kind of thing.

Interesting piece on prejudices. The whole topic of the conscious mind as the great confabulator is one of my favorite areas of cognitive science. I catch my brain in the act occasionally and it’s disturbing to face the evidence that much of what I consider true about my personal history and myself is a convenient narrative fiction to explain what other parts of my brain decided without asking.

Felix Salmon on the mystery of individual bullishness on housing. I really think it’s largely due to listening to their realtors too much. From each month’s reports from the NAR you’d never know housing declined. I’m planning a piece comparing my number crunching to the realtor association’s for one metro market. So far there is more fudge than a good batch of brownies.

Looking at Goldman’s new housing index, I can’t help but think that after a decade of being overbought it probably is going to have to hit the oversold 0 level for a while before it’s over.

Facebook: Big Friend or Big Brother. It curdles my blood just thinking about that timeline thing. Rationally it probably shouldn’t since it is as close to immortality as we can get at the moment, but I guess Monty Python’s How Not To Be Seen sketch had a big impact on me.

If you ever find yourself wondering why the markets slump every time Bernanke implies QE3 is off the table, check out dshort’s latest update to Fed intervention and the markets It’s enough to warm any Austrian’s heart.

.New criteria will cure 25% of autism. Since inflation has been partially cured using the same method I don’t know why they didn’t do this sooner.


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