Pseudo Random News and Comment

Baboons can learn to spot real words. Eureka! Some more training and a teleprompter and we have our 2016 Presidential candidates ready to go.

Chinese internet glitches and other notes.

I guess my interpretation of the architectural meaning of the house in Portugal a few days ago wasn’t far off. Prize winning Portuguese architect facing unemployment.

Rare that I like a “keep the neighbors happy” modern house but this one is pretty nice.

Code not physical property. Now if they would just apply similar logic about theft to IP and copyright cases. I find the loss amusing for GS since the way the FBI snapped to attention when they squeaked was astonishing.

Natural doesn’t always equal healthy. Herbal Medicine and Aristolochic Acid Nephropathy

Pool Near U.S. City Contains More Radioactive Cesium than Released By Fukushima, Chernobyl and All Nuclear Bomb Tests COMBINED

Goldman Busted For “Asymmetric Service Initiative” Aka Leaking Inside Information To Whales Stunning.

Is Pinterest’s Exponential Traffic Growth Slowing? Why else would a business owner sell?

New alternative to Dropbox. LogMeIn Cubby. Not having to have a designated folder is a nice feature.

US Govt. Objects To Megaupload Hiring Top Law Firm. Very disingenuous.

Good post on abnormal returns about the dangers of historical data. Naive extrapolation using dusty data. I think “naive” is the key word. Old data has its uses but especially when comparing one set of old data to another (like price and earnings) it should be more a suggestion of the range of possibilities than an absolute guide.

The psychological component in hot flashes. I think the exercise is a useless element in the study. After >4 hours of intense exercise I always get hot flashes several hours after I’m done. Never found anything indicating what the mechanism might be. I assume it’s related to recovery somehow.

Targeting glucagon pathway as a new approach to treating [type 2] diabetes. Just don’t do any extensive exercise.

ISP startup pledging to put privacy first. Unfortunately no technical details, how logging will be handled, etc.

Hey protesters! Live HD streaming for $495. That way your relatives will know it was the cops rather than your drug dealer that disappeared you.

Via TBP, Chanos on China Power consumption is about the only number I pay attention to on China. Residential use is stunningly low by US standards so fluctuations are a good indication of industrial activity.

Sceince-based Medicine on systemic enzyme therapy


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