Pseudo Random News and Comment

Several on the political turmoil in China:

Chinese media fight scandal fallout The official statements about defending the rule of law are pretty ridiculous since Bo’s ouster was all backroom deals, facilitated by the unfavorable publicity generated by Heywood’s demise.

Surname of Bo Xilai’s wife adds to Chinese mystery The Mrs may have had an escape route. Rumor has it many of the elite have dual papers.

Briton’s Wanderings Led Him to Heart of a Chinese Scandal. “Wanderings” makes it sound random. He obviously tried to gain favor and use it for personal gain, fairly successfully judging by where he lived.

Did China use the internet kill switch? If so there will be some more serious kill switch envy in the US, all in the name of our security of course.

The constant reinvention of memories put to use to cure drug cravings.

Is Facebook making us lonely? No strings attached friendship without the obligation or intimacy it traditionally entailed isn’t worth much.

It apparently takes only 4 minutes to achieve your 15 minutes of fame. A lot of sheep and lemmings are laughing their asses off watching this.

Anxiety boosts odor perception. Maybe that’s why people eat junk funk when stressed – It smells better.

Thieves replacing money mules with prepaid cards. One less risk to be taken cleaning out your bank account.

Does Obama pay less taxes than his secretary? I think the tougher hurdle is whether he pays less taxes than Geithner (Wikipedia lists him as a civil servant. Painfully funny)

Charting the housing market. Zero Hedge so you know it’s not positive.

The thrill of the new in regulations

The evolution of Chinese surnames


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