Pseudo Random News and Comment

The official line on Gu Kailai. Now they’re reaching for justification. Similar, or far larger, business dealings could be dug up on any top official’s family members. Probably more of a warning to other party members and their offspring to cool it a little.

Man vs Machine. To a machine it’s all very orderly.

Six rules for dining out. Pretty accurate in my opinion. Especially regarding poorer neighborhoods and Thai vs Vietnamese.

Is it true that left-handed people are smarter than right-handed people? Apparently not statistically. However, if lefties are more likely to have mental retardation doesn’t that mean the rest of the lefty population is smarter? I’d hate to have to lower my opinion of myself.

Growing an economy by growing weed. Desperate times call for desperate measures. This may indicate that if things get bad enough even reason will be tried.

Personality Traits Correlate With Brain Activity. “Other results were more surprising, suggesting an unexpected role in personality for the visual cortex and cerebellum—areas better known for visual processing and movement, respectively.”

Earthquakes Hammer the “Ring of Fire”. If another large one hits Fukushima before those spent fuel rods are moved it’s going to get very ugly. That is very likely to happen.

Reading all the Republican War against Women themed articles all I can think is, misdirect, divide and conquer. Is the party in charge of drone wars on women and children really so morally superior to some patronizing twat of a Republican?

I started to do a post last week that it was beginning to look like Summer. Of 2007. Market Anthropology does the comparison in two charts.

How to make VPNs even more secure. If you need to keep things locked down this is very valuable advice. There are many sources of leakage. .

Spanish is faster than English, but Mandarin is slow.

Tennessee Senate Approves Bill To Warn Students That Hand-Holding Is A ‘Gateway Sexual Activity’ They’re absolutely right. Hand holding leads to kissing, which eventually leads down a very slippery slope into the dark depths of sexual depravity. Hallelujah!

.Blood type A may predispose to some rotavirus infections


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